Full SQL statements with Ti Alloy collections

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01 February, 2013

Prior to version Alloy 0.3.5 the sql adapter only supported SELECT * FROM table_name which left much to be desired. However, which the release of 0.3.5 you can now query to your heart desire.

  var Library = Alloy.createCollection('book');
      query: 'SELECT * FROM table_1 INNER JOIN table_2 ON table_1.id=table_2.id'

The key here is a key change to the sql adapter. To get this functionality in your Collections you'll need to change your models' adpater type from 'sql' to 'sql_new'. This hits the new adapter and allows for the query option. Once Alloy 1.0 releases the adapter will return to just 'sql' but retain the new functionality.

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