I'm Joel. I'm a Web and mobile developer / strategist. I ocationally put stuff here related to mobile and front end development. I also have been known to speak about mobile application development, specifically using Appcelerator's Titanium, as well on topics of front end development and API development in the enterprise.


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Public Projects

  1. Ingeniux Components

    C# A collection of components for the Ingeniux CMS
  2. Titanium Cloud

    PHP A CodeIgniter library for the Appcelerator/Titanium Cloud
  3. Vanilla

    HTML5/SCSS A starting point for front-end development
  4. ImgOut

    Python A Python utility to export images from a SQLite database.
  5. WP Magazine Control

    PHP A Wordpress plugin to manage content versioning.
  6. Dotfiles

    Ruby/Bash .files, Sensible defaults for OS X
  7. h3r2on.com

    Ruby/node.js Yeoman/Bower/Grunt workflow for Jekyll