Big Changes

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21 April, 2012

All of my professional life I've been a Web developer, while lately I've branched into mobile app development, the web has been my life and shaped me in more ways than even I'm aware. All of that is about to change, I'm leaving web development for a new role that I feel embraces all of things that I like about web development but allows me to break outside of the browser. Anyone who knows me knows of my passion for new technology and gadgets. What most people don't know is I'm a closet project management and process engineering geek. I love seeing a new projects evolve, I enjoy helping organizations and people tackle difficult technology and process issues.​ That said, Starting in June I'll be returning to my Alma-mater UW-Whitewater. ​What that means for this site is that while my day job may not fall in web, I'll never completely give up web development. My plan is to turning this into a place to talk about Titanium Mobile and SASS/Compass. My real goal is to finally start contributing back to a community that I've gotten so much from over the years. Choosing a project or two that have really made a difference in my career.