Why I'm skipping the iPad gen 3

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15 March, 2012

Every time Apple makes updates to their mobile devices there's a dread among developers, oh crap what did they change? what do I have ​a week or two to update my app(s) to support now. Some of the changes have warranted me to say I need the new hardware to test on, but this time I don't feel it a big enough change. The big changes for this iPad are the new high res screen and the bump in graphics power. The apps I develop are business apps I have no plans of turning to game development at this time; if i were a game dev this iPad would be just what i needed to make some really great gaming experiences. ​For my business apps the upgraded retina emulator will more than suffice to see if my upgraded graphics are working as i'd like them too. The expense seems to great for too little major change. Theirs also the part of me that is still pissed at apple for the utterly embarrassing cameras they put in the iPad2 and in the case of the front facing camera​ on the new iPad that is still a subpar VGA camera that IMO will make Facetime on the iPad even worse looking than it does now on the 2. I know they'll sell millions of them but how much better could have this been if they had done this upgrade with the iPad2 instead​.