Your kidding me right... zip is a reserved form field name

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24 January, 2012

If only it where true, but it alas it's not. If you have the pleasure of using Plone as your CMS and you want to lets say make a form that captures a zip code, you can't name that form field 'zip' as its a reserved word in plone. Some other common words are also reserved. Lets say you need to have a form submit to oh I don't know paypal, you've got major issues. Hidden fields for a paypal form require login, discription and type. Guess what, yup all reserved words. So how does one get around this. A little python and javascript that's how. Nicely the Plone Form Gen devs added overrides so you can modify the form on submit and on load like so:

return \
  jq("#archetypes-fieldname-login-1 input").attr("name","login");
  jq("#archetypes-fieldname-type-1 input").attr("name","type");
  jq("#archetypes-fieldname-description-1 input").attr("name","description")

nothing to special but it's a stupid hack that shouldn't be needed IMO.