EduCore: Building Mobile apps for Education

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09 December, 2011

Late this October I was in Austin,TX for the anual HighEdWeb Conference, where I was presenting along side my cohort Quinn Madson form UW Milwaukee on Titanium and Mobile application development in general. While there we had a lengthy discussion on mobile development and how much of our code base in titanium was nearly identical. This got us thinking about creating a collaborative project to build a base application that build the core of our application and provide helpers and add on mobules that we could share. EduCore was born. Using the ConnomJS module pattern that Titanium is pushing as the future we have developed what I believe is a best of breed application base that provides the basics that every school needs and provides a solid point to futher build a world class application. Go ahead and clone it see what it could offer you and if you like what you see please pitch in and see what you can do to move mobile forward in Higher Education!