Is there value in namespacing your javascript?

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04 May, 2011

Lately I've found myself architecting my larger JS projects into name spaces to not only avoid collisions but to make my life as a developer easier. Quick example I'm restructuring my universities Google maps code, its a big grouping of functions and persistant variables. In my mind it has been easier to have then a list of 40 or so random functions polluting the global scope, but i'm starting to wonder if this approach slows my code down. The more I read the more I get conflicting thoughts about my process, there doesn't seem to be a best practice regarding namespacing or whether it's a good practice. My methodology has followed what I've seen at Google and Yahoo; a nested object hierarchy that in many ways goes to the java way of thinking about class packaging. Not necessarily a good thing to do in JavaScript, but how does one organize a large js project in a meaningful way, to the developer, yet keep it fast an efficient as is grows. On that topic i'm stuck.